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Lindbergh Group provides a qualitative, innovative and independent professional advice and guidance to its clients in all aspects that are necessary for the realisation of healthcare-related projects. Lindbergh Group, which operates from three locations in Belgium, has the experience to guide you with regard to the various aspects of creating and/or expanding a healthcare business, including finances, legal advice and the actual operation.

CEO and business manager behind the Lindbergh Group is Mrs. Hilde Bosmans.
As a University of Leuven (Belgium) alumni, and with more than 10 years of experience in private equity and private banking for multiple banking institutions, she started building the Lindbergh Group success in the year 2000 and founded a private care fund which collected around 100 million EUR to invest in Healthcare Real Estate, on a national and international level.
To date, she has given several lectures at both the University of Leuven and the University of Kortrijk on various subjects concerning health and elderly care. Moreover, Lindbergh, the University of Leuven and KBC Bank organise an annual colloquium during which Mrs. Bosmans highlights current topics in Healthcare in Belgium and abroad.
To conclude, the activities and the general expertise of Lindbergh in the elderly care sector can be summarised as follows:

  • Financial and operational know-how
  • Construction guidance and follow-up

In addition, Lindbergh is often involved in Mergers and Acquisitions and has a lot of experience in issuing Bond loans (with occupancy).
The sector is changing continuously, innovations in the industry are following in quick succession. On the one hand, change creates a certain resistance, on the other hand, it creates new opportunities. A clear vision, responsible leadership and the courage to take decisions are determining when trying to make a difference and an impact in the today’s market.
There is of course a need for substantial capital in order to provide qualitative healthcare projects. Furthermore, good financial management is crucial to the success of a project. Lindbergh Group offers a wide variety of ways to collect the necessary funds, analyses them and finds the most appropriate financing possibility for each project, including the possibility of using its own private fund.

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